• Entreprise : AIR CARAIBES
  • Localisation : LES ABYMES - France entière
  • Type de contrat : Contrat à durée indéterminée (CDI)
  • Date de publication : 03-05-2017

Description du poste

Missions and responsibilities :

The Person in charge of Airworthiness Management is responsible for the management and supervision of the preservation activities of the exploited aircrafts airworthiness. He is responsible and guarantor of the preservation of the airworthiness of these airplanes.

The Person in charge of Airworthiness Management must :

- Make sure that the operations of preservation of the airworthiness are made in accordance with the conditions and the limitations of the ACC as well as with the regulations and the applicable internal standards.
- Ensure a supervision of the airworthiness preservation operations according to the plan of supervision.
- Set up an organized system and a group of people such as required by the part M.A 706 (c) allowing mastering of the airworthiness management of the exploited aircrafts.
- Set up a management and distribution system of the technical documentation (maintenance data, airworthiness data, manuals and internal procedures …).
- See to it that the maintenance of all the airplanes is done in due course according to the approved MPD and to this end, is responsible for the implementation of maintenance contracts with the Bodies of Maintenance Part 145 (having made sure that the subcontractor possesses the adequate installations, material and equipments, the competent and qualified staff, and in sufficient number).
- See to it that all the detected and/or postponed defects during the maintenance are rectified
- See to it that all the realized maintenance is recorded and archived according to the applicable requirements
- Monitor the efficiency of the implemented maintenance policy, so that the quality levels satisfy the standards and current regulations.
- Check that the mass and centering reflects the real state of the aircraft
- Establish a politics and criteria of reliability adapted to the managed aircrafts,
- Implement and monitor the corrective actions stemming from the surveillance of the Quality Controller.
- Ensure the functional link between the Part 145 integrated and the Air Operations Department (return of technical flight crews on the quality of the maintenance, CRM information and evolutions, maintenance in stopover, MEL evolution…)

Tasks and responsibilities of the Person in charge of Airworthiness Management :

- Draft and develop a specifications Manual of airworthiness preservation Management (APM) and the associated procedures describing all the CAMO activities.
- Draft and develop Programs of Aircrafts Maintenance MPD including all the requirements in terms of maintenance of aircrafts managed by the CAMO.
- Ensure the documentary survey of the manufacturer’s data evolutions to integrate them into the MS.
- Assure the documentary watch of the regulation advancements to integrate them into the AMM and into the MS.
- Monitor the watch and check the analysis made of the AD applicable to aircrafts managed by the CAMO.
- Validate the SB / Modifications according to the criteria applicable to the aircrafts managed by the CAMO.
- Consideration of the fleet list evolutions and data transmission of the aircrafts operation.
- Draft the Exceptional Authorization Requests (EAR) if necessary.
- Draft the Event Reports (EASA Form 44) within the allotted time if necessary
- Proceed to the airworthiness examinations and to the CoA continuations of aircrafts managed by the CAMO
- Establish and keep up to date a register of personnel employed by the CAMO
- Establish a training program of the CAMO staff and implement it
- Analyze and validate the proposals of works postponed in reference to approved data
- Emit service bills
- Report to the post holder of any anomaly involving the maintenance system encountered within the framework of his/her mission

Profil recherché

Conditions of Access:
- graduation+5, engineering school, aeronautical major, master degree
- A 5-year Experience minimum in maintenance on ATR or/and AIRBUS aircrafts and in airworthiness management.

Required qualities:

- Team spirit
- Organization skills
- Control of the IT tools
- Fluent French
  • Date de début : ASAP
  • Durée : CDI
  • Expérience requise : 5 à 10 ans d'expérience
  • Salaire :
  • Référence : AEROCONTACT-353339506
  • Secteur d'activité : Industrialisation, Production
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