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Safran helps to promote the Professional Baccalaureate © Safran - afdet

Thanks to Safran’s support, the Association Française pour le Développement de l’Enseignement Technique (AFDET*) has set up "mareussitepro", a digital service which aims to demonstrate that apprenticeship and the Professional Baccalaureate are both avenues leading to personal and professional success. A brilliant thing for young people to strive for!

At one time or another, we have all heard that the Professional Baccalaureate is a "siding" into which the less talented students are shunted. It is just one of the preconceived ideas which the AFDET is keen to combat: the Professional Baccalaureate, in a few figures, represents 93 different specializations550,000 young people and an 83% exam pass rate. Professional Baccalaureates have a lot going for them as regards integration into working life by having a job that is liked, the possibility to immediately pursue studies or to take them up again a few years down the line, and above all, to succeed in a chosen career.

Combating preconceived ideas

The "mareussitepro" project backed by Safran is aimed at 9th grade students as well as students and apprentices in the first year of technical college, i.e. a potential of approximately 1 million young people, as well as their parents. It builds on the structures of the ADFET and people involved in course choice: teachers and course choice staff in 7,100 high schools, 1,600 technical colleges and 1,000 public and private apprentice training centers. The ultimate goal is to demonstrate the huge variety of professions that can be accessed through professional studies, the skills of those on the courses, their successes and their pride too.

Motivation, trust and ambition

With a view to encouraging young people to get excited about their course choice as opposed to putting up with it, "mareussitepro" and its dedicated website provides testimonials from young people who have followed this route: they provide spontaneous and enthusiastic feedback, in videos which they recorded themselves, about their training and the benefits of work-study programs for acquiring know-how and life skills. They look into professions that are changing rapidly.

"mareussitepro", a positive driver!

The Professional Baccalaureate breeds talent and enables students to believe in themselveswork towards a future job, make progress, adapt and find their place in society. In this way, it contribute to social cohesion. "mareussitepro" is a positive driver for those seeking to fulfill their aspirations!

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