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2018/10/04 | 404 words | AEROCONTACT | CAREER
Safran looking for Big Data talent! © Adrien Daste / Safran

To support its digital transformation, Safran is looking for data experts. Here’s a closer look at upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Safran has plunged into the Big Data era. But exactly what type of data are we talking about, and what is this data used for? "Data analysis is a two-pronged performance driver," summarizes Stéphane Cueille, Safran's Senior Executive Vice President for R&T and Innovation. "First, it improves industrial efficiency. With the increasing digitization of our plants, we can analyze production data to help improve processes, shorten development cycles, lower production costs, enhance quality, etc. Secondly, it helps offer value-added services to our customers. By analyzing the data collected throughout our products' life-cycles, we can come up with optimized maintenance recommendations that are increasingly tailored to each customer's needs."

Jobs in the spotlight

Safran needs top talent to meet these challenges. "Some of our current job fields, for instance concerning information system architecture or software development, will grow because of the increasing volume of data we have to manage," explains Stéphane Cueille. "At the same time, we're looking for new areas of expertise, including data engineersdata scientistsUX designers, etc." This situation means a host of new opportunities both within Safran and for outside candidates. "People joining us will seize on the opportunity to work on such fascinating challenges in a real high-tech market characterized by complex production processes and a strong focus on safety. Not to mention possibly evolving towards related fields, such as numerical simulation and artificial intelligence."

Safran Analytics, in the forefront of Big Data

Safran growing use of Big Data is guided by Safran Analytics, an entity created in 2015. It has already launched several projects, such as the Data Hub Aero platform, allowing Group companies to collect external aviation data (aircraft flightpaths, weather, etc.) so they can better track their products in operation. Another project focused on analyzing production data to improve quality. Two other projects were supported by Safran Analytics: BOOST, a service platform dedicated to helicopter engine maintenance, and SFCO2, a service that helps airlines reduce their operating costs. Stéphane Cueille concludes, "The whole spectrum of data-based skills will eventually be seen across all Safran companies, not only in our offices, but also down on the ground."

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