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School relations: a talent pool for Safran © Bnpix / Safran- Safran'ambassadors forum

At the beginning of December, Safran signed a partnership agreement with ENSEEIHT (National School of Electrotechnology, Electronics, Computer Science, Hydraulics and Telecommunications) of Toulouse. This agreement – the 18th in a few years – reinforces the Group's recruitment strategy that seeks future candidates from major schools and universities*

Safran expects to hire close to 600 young graduates in France this year. How does the Group identify the most promising profiles? It uses an ambitious school relations policy that aims to detect and attract the best talents very early. "Our goal is for at least 50% of the young graduates that we hire to have already received professional experience in the Group, whether in the form of an internship, a block release training program, a thesis or a VIE1," explains Sabrina Gottlieb, Safran's Recruitment policy and Attractiveness Manager. "Having seen them working in real situations lets us assess their potential better. We have therefore approached several major scientific schools and universities in order to get to know their students and orient the training curriculum to the skills that we need.

A network of ambassadors

The strong point of this partnership strategy is the "Safran ambassadors". Selected on a voluntary basis, there are now more than 250 employees, young or experienced, who are themselves former students of institutions within which they now embody the Group. Their role is to encourage interest in joining Safran by presenting its professions and career paths, as well as supporting students in their guidance: help in writing a CV, simulated hiring interviews, participating in forums organized by the schools, etc. "They form a structured and organized network," says Sabrina Gottlieb. "Certain ambassadors maintain regular contact with managers and teachers, while others are in direct contact with students or even provide training.

One of the most attractive companies

These actions are very popular with students. This is testified to by the Universum 2018 ranking, which ranks Safran for the second consecutive year in the fourth place for companies preferred by future French engineers. "Our reputation is growing," Sabrina Gottlieb confirms, "which encourages us to continue and strengthen our strategy. We especially want to improve the representativeness of the network, whether in terms of ages, gender, professions or subsidiaries, with, for example, the integration of ambassadors from Safran Seats, Safran Cabin or Safran Aerosystems2." Another axis of work is facilitating the network, essential to maintain motivation: forums or conventions are arranged during which the ambassadors can exchange experiences and good practices, and also have access to privileged information… Everything that will let them fly the Group's colors to their future talents.

Polytechnique, CentraleSupélec, Mines ParisTech, Centrale Lyon, Telecom Paristech, ESTACA, Sorbonne University, ISAE SUPAERO, University of Paris Sud, etc.

1 Volontariat International en Entreprise. [International Volunteering in Business] Arrangement allowing a young person under the age of 28 to have a professional assignment abroad.

2 The three companies resulting from the merger-absorption of Zodiac Aerospace by Safran, carried out on December 1, 2018.

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