AEI Systems

AEI Systems Ltd is a privately owned company specialising in intelligent design and end user solutions for the worlds defence industries.

Its international market in the support of aircraft and weapon spares is well established with more than
fity years of experience. 2007 saw a large expansion in the team at AEI including land systems design and business development specialists resulting in the award of a number of contracts to provide equipment for UK MOD Urgent Operational Requirements including turrets and hatches.

Strategically based in rural Ascot close to air and road links into the UK and the continent, AEI Systems enjoys the benefits of a new clean modern 16,000 sq.ft. Factory area and 3,000 sq.ft. of offices and meeting rooms

In 2010 returned to it roots, focusing primarily on air craft support naval mounting solutions, however with the acquisition of a barrel making machine AEI is capable of producing 10 barrels a day between 7.62 mm and 105mm . AEI is one of two plants in the UK with this capability the other an in house facility making AEI the go to place for barrel construction.

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