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A ro-formation , professional aviation school founded in 1985 Lausanne, currently has about 100 registered pilots.

The aim of the school is to guarantee quality services recognized for the courses offered. Thanks to its high level of demand and the dissemination of its specialized literature, training effectively contributes to the credibility of a particularly important aeronautical activity in the way it is taught.

Two professional instructors (totaling 13,000 flight hours), several assistant instructors and one secretary ensure the continuity of the activities of the school.

A ro-formation has six machines, including:

4 are equipped for the basic instruction

3 are equipped for travel and instrument flight

1 is equipped for the flying instruction

The training of private pilots takes place on three types of aircraft:

Cessna 150 two-seater, Cessna 152 two-seater, Cessna 172 four-seater

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