AéroClub Air France Toussus-Le-Noble
AéroClub Air France Toussus-Le-Noble
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AéroClub Air France Toussus-Le-Noble

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A roclub Air France is today one of the main clubs of Toussus le Noble, between Versailles, Saint Quentin en Yvelines, and Saclay.
Founded in 1947, the club has grown to include eighteen aircraft and approximately four hundred and fifty members. Although named after Air France, the club is open to all.
With the evolution of the Air France group, and in particular the merger with UTA and Air Inter, there are now several Air France flights. They are distinct entities but grouped within the Air France Committee of Airports.
Thus, you will find a roclub Air France Lognes (within AGILE), Plessis-Belleville, Toulouse, or even Strasbourg.
Do not hesitate to contact us, or even better, to see us in our premises.