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When the A ro-Club of France was born in 1898, only the visionary minds sensed what would be the extraordinary development of locomotion in France, the first aero-world institution, the A ro-Club de France Will serve as a model for the organization of world aviation. At the four corners of the world, the A ro-Club de France d covers the talents and allows them to come and express themselves in our sky. For example, the pioneers of the conquest of the air, such as Santos-Dumont, brothers Wright, Bl riot or Farman, carried out their exploits in France, where they were held by the President of A ro- Club the first pilot patents never d delivered. The mechanics that were going to make the XX century, the key that would not resemble any other, was launched. Higher, faster, farther, this motto, invented within our walls and adopted by the A ronautique Internationale (FAI), which will have celebrated its centenary in 2005 with us, Paris, announces this world of speed today O o o the time is growing, o men, as far as they remain, become neighbors. The birth of the A ro-Club of France, announces the mat rialisation of the oldest r e of man, that of the triumph of D dale that would no longer let Icarus sink from the sky, burned by the Sun. The conqu ict of the air takes a new leap with the creation of our institution. It is through structure and rules that it boldly invents, day after day, that the adventure takes its true flight. Indeed, since the formidable victory of 1783, when, for the first time, men, on the edge of a hot-air balloon, tore themselves from the laws of gravity, the ronautics had never been reciprocated. By creating an incentive policy through richly-cuts, encouraging theoretical research and experiments, the A ro-Club is rapidly at the heart of a daily revolution that Litany of records that upset the face of our plan te. The success is foudroyant. In 1905, the Brussels Olympic Congress took as its model the French club to encourage its member countries to set up bodies to regulate aeronautical practice. The FAI of which the first President will be Prince Roland Bonaparte will be the fruit.
The following year, the very young FAI entrusted the French association to organize the first international aeronautical competition the Gordon Bennett Cup, named after the famous journalist. James Gordon Bennett founded in 1887 Paris the European edition of the New York Herald and Jules Vernes made it the head of his new The day of an American journalist in 2085 ?. Like the writer, he is a visionary enthusiast of the cause of the Air. He assisted the ardente team of the French ronauts and his 1906 Tuileries Basin Cup was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful days of his life. It is also one of the key dates in the history of the conquest of heaven. From Guynemer Dassault, through Lindbergh, Saint Exup ry, Pierre Clostermann, Catherine Maunoury, Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong, Claudie Haigner, we can say that all those who count in the history of the third dimension were Or will be the A ro-Club of France.

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