Aéroclub Marcel Dassault

Aéroclub Marcel Dassault

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The A ro-Club Marcel Dassault of Melun-Villaroche was created in 1966 by a team of enthusiasts, led by Jean-Marie SAGET, Bernard BADATCHEFF and Jacques PORTE. They were helped by the Dassault Aviation Works Committee, which at that time had an important site on the grounds of Melun-Villaroche.

Very quickly, the ACMDMV (A ro-Club Marcel Dassault of Melun-Villaroche) transferred its flights (school and travel) activities to Nangis - les Loges.

In 1976, the club obtains permission to b fir a shed and a clubhouse on this ground.

Today, the ACMDMV, accredited by the French Aeronautical Federation and the Department of Transport, has approximately 125 members and operates 6 aircraft.

At the same time as the ACMDMV was created, a Dassault club, led by Jean-Marie SAGET, was formed. At the end of 2001, the aerobatics section was also transformed into a ro-club ind during the name A ro-Club Marcel Dassault Voltige. It has its headquarters on the Nangis-Les Loges site and operates 7 aircraft r on various sites.