Aérodrome de Gruyère

Aérodrome de Gruyère

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Constitution and aims: constituted on 5 October 1962, the Gruy re SA SA (hereinafter "SAG") has its seat Gruy res; Its aims are the operation of the Gruy re re ground station on Gruyères Commune, the construction of aircraft hangars, the acquisition of aircraft, the execution of flights, and any Ronautic and financial or commercial operation in connection with the main purpose.
Activity: the management and financing of the Gruyère Aerodrome, the SAG trains each year about ten private pilots in its flight school. Since 2000, SAG has been a partner of the professional school Twinair, established in Lausanne. As part of this partnership, Gruyères Motor Flight School can now actively participate in the training of future professional pilots.

The sporting activities on the rodrome are organized by the different groups present on the square, united in the A ro-Gruy re sports association, the regional association of the A ro-Club of Switzerland . The Gruy re Flight Group organizes travel and refresher courses for pilots. The Gruy re Sailing Group has its own sailing school and operates a fleet of gliders. It organizes training courses and participates in national and international competitions. The Para-Club de la Gruy re regularly organizes paratrooper drops over the rodrome.

In order to mark its adherence to the objectives of the A ro-Club of Switzerland and to contribute to the defense of the interests of sports aviation in Switzerland, SAG is a collective member of the A ro-Club of Switzerland, The Swiss Motor Flight F ration and the Swiss Ultra Aviation Association. In addition, she is also a member of the Swiss Association of Arodromes.

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