Aérodrome Le Mans-Arnage

Aérodrome Le Mans-Arnage

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The Le Mans or Le Mans-Arnage airport, formerly known as the Raineries rodrome, is located about 7 kilometers south of the city of Le Mans on the territory of the commune of Arnage. It is easily accessible via the southern periphery of the city. Its manager is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Le Mans and Sarthe.

VFR / IFR day and night, category C, it describes the definition of a Community port international character. Private travel is increasing. International aircraft are allowed to stop on request. There is no existing international daily link. It is used for sporting activities: football players use it for national displacements, the basketball team for european displacements. It is also used to welcome pilots or private guests during the 24 hours of Le Mans.

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