Aéroport d'Annecy
Aéroport d'Annecy
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Aéroport d'Annecy

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The airport of Annecy Mont Blanc is a platform today for business, civil and leisure aviation.

Since 29 December 2006, the Department of Haute-Savoie has been the owner and transferor of the airport. This agreement is in application of Articles L 221-1 of the Civil Aviation Code and 28 of Law n 2004-809 of 13 August 2004, on local freedoms and responsibilities. It enables the General Council of Haute-Savoie to develop the airport and thus create synergy between these public actors.

The management of the platform is entrusted to the Société Annecy Mont Blanc A port, and its management to the SNC-Lavalin company, through a public service delegation since 29 December, 8 years and ending on 31 December 2020 inclusive.

Situated within the European economic crossroads and accessible directly by the Alpin motorway network, the airport offers its passengers proximity and expertise.

The airport of Annecy Mont Blanc offers assistance for each private flight: contact with private companies preparation of the flight, technical service of the aircraft to the stopover service, but also to the VIP transfer Serving accommodation. The restaurant and the bar l'Envol opens its doors every day within the rogare, and many private companies of the platform offer services for light aviation or leisure.

In order to meet local and international expectations, the airport continues to invest and develop in terms of infrastructure: construction and renovation are projects regularly put in place and completed for better regulatory conditions. Demand and security services remain the priorities of the airport.

A real gateway to the Alps, the Annecy Mont Blanc airport also becomes the showcase of a dynamic, dynamic city, opening up to the world and the outside markets. In close proximity to the most famous French ski resorts, as well as major cities such as Geneva and Lyon, freedom is the motto: all destinations are hand-picked, every day, without preoccupation, in any privatization .

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