Aéroport d'Oslo
Aéroport d'Oslo
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Aéroport d'Oslo

OSL lies in the municipality of Ullensaker, approximately 47 kilometres north of Oslo. The airport has a strong environmental profile and focuses on public transport to and from the airport. A BAA survey in 2011 showed that Oslo Airport Gardermoen has the highest share of public transport in Europe, with a huge 60.1%.

Roughly 13,000 people work at OSL in order to keep it running 24 hours a day. These 13,000 work for more than 100 companies involved in everything from baggage handling to air traffic control. In 2007 and 2010 Oslo Airport was named Europe's most efficient airport.

Oslo Airport will soon reach full capacity and an extension of the airport is required. In 2008 the Avinor board approved the pier concept and planning for Terminal 2. In the meantime, the existing terminal has been expanded eastwards with 6,453 square metres, which has provided improved capacity for baggage belts and check-in areas.Final approval to go ahead with the extention of the Terminal was given in January of 2011. Here you can read more about this project.

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