Aéroport de Lille - Lesquin

Aéroport de Lille - Lesquin

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The Lille airport is 5 hectares of buildings located on 450 hectares.
Even if its regular activity is traditionally between 5 am and 11 pm, the airport is open to traffic
International 24 hours a day.
It is equipped with VFR night-IFR and benefits from category A (international), SSLIA category 7
The Aéroport de Lille is able to accommodate any type of aircraft, from single-engine private aircraft to large commercial aircraft (A 380) or Cargo (Antonov 124)

An airport: two tracks

- 1 main runway oriented East-West (08/26)
From 2845m
All-Weather Landing Category III-Marking
High intensity light
Approach Ramp-Fires Clat ...
- 1 secondary runway oriented North-South (02/20)

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