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Air Caraïbes

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Air Cara Bes, a specialist airline in the Caribbean and French Guiana, operates up to 33 weekly flights from Paris Orly South to Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Saint Martin, the Dominican Republic and Haiti .

The company has set up the schedules of its regional network to offer passengers from M tropole fast connections to all its Caribbean destinations: Saint-Martin (Grand Case), Saint-Barth lemy (service operated by St Barth Commuter), Saint Lucia, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Air Cara bes offers many flights in promotions that allow to leave prices reduced to r ve destinations.

Air Cara was founded in 2000 by Jean-Paul Dubreuil, founder and president of the family group that sells his name. Passion aviation, and private pilot himself, he created Air Vend in 1974 which will become Regional Airlines 7 years later - a company in the air that serves Europe from the Province, without passing through Paris. The commercial success of this company will be welcomed by the title of European regional company of the year in 1995. It will also follow its IPO the following year.

In 2000, when Jean Dubreuil decided to cede his regional airline Air France, he invested in the West Indies and acquired Air Guadeloupe that he renamed Air Cara bes. The company then serves only those of the Cara be.

In 2003, as the regional transport sector became more and more difficult, the Dubreuil Group decided to position itself on the long-haul market - with the ambition to add additional traffic to its regional network and Thus restoring the air to the company. Air Cara will open in December of its first flights from Paris to Martinique and Paris and Guadeloupe to Airbus 330. This is the beginning of a new boom for the company!


Today the first group sells in terms of turnover, the Dubreuil Group is heavily invested in distribution and has diversified its activities around seven thirds.

It employs close to 3,500 people and expects to achieve a turnover of 1.6 billion in 2016. Air Cara bes represents one third of Dubreuil Group's business.