Air Jamaica

By the end of 2007, the airline solidified itself as the corner stone for region aviation and the success of the airline was evident in its continual growth. In early 2008, Caribbean Airlines inaugurated daily service to Caracas, Venezuela. The new daily return flight was the first network expansion since the airline started operating on January 1st 2007.

This led to the introduction of a daily service to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and we became the only regionally based airline with the most direct services from Trinidad to South Florida. This growth was also complemented by significant costs savings and increase quality control with the in-sourcing of heavy maintenance for the airline's fleet.

Presently Caribbean Airlines serves 16 markets in the Caribbean, South America and North America, operating a core schedule of 530 weekly departures with a fleet of 21 aircraft. Caribbean Airlines acquired routes operated by Air Jamaica on 26 May 2011, and currently employs 1, 124 employees with the Air Jamaica headcount at 650.

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