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To ensure its clients receive both optimum sales coverage and professional competence, APG Network invites only the strongest organization in each country or area to be a member. APG Network members know their markets intimately and provide airlines with the most cost-effective means of market presence.

Today, APG Network collectively serves over 200 airlines worldwide.

To support our activities, APG Network organizes a yearly World Connect Conference where top airline executives are invited to share our single aim: how to improve the sales and distribution processes of the airlines.

Key points when choosing APG as a partner:

Airline Focused

APG is an airline focused representation network - we do not represent hotels, cruise companies or tourist boards along with our airline clients - we are airline people and we understand the needs of airlines as a result

A full portfolio of products

APG provides a wide range of distribution products from GSSA services to ABCS to IET distribution, allowing airlines to minimize administrative cost by working with one partner who can provide linked up distribution solutions.

Leaders in our field

We have extensive experience with IBCS, the BSP "pay as you earn" system, originally created by APG in partnership with IATA and which has now evolved into the ABCS product offering airlines full support services for BSP participation.

The largest global network

APG has the most extensive network worldwide and across all continents. Created in 1991, we have over 20 years experience in our field and an integrated capital of EUR2,000,000 responsible for over EUR2.3 billion of airline revenue.

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