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Aircraft VIP Services

Located in Luxembourg since 2005, Aircraft VIP Services (AVIPS) is an aviation company approved for EASA Part M Subpart G aircraft management.


Our credo includes all-in-one services in matter of management facilities, aviation consulting and aircraft chartering.

Aircraft VIP Services offers you the ultimate business tool in the very heart of Europe...


Our current expertise is a great combination of different and complementary skills such as business aviation' operations, sales and maintenance but also airlines' auditing and particularly aircraft purchase and management. In matter of consulting, we are as well at the utmost level of supervision and technical support thanks to our knowledge of the rules and our extended experience in both business and private aviation.

The types of consulting services we offer include the development of maintenance, operations and quality manuals, as well as maintenance, flight and quality departments full auditing process.

As far as aircraft management is concerned, our expertise translates directly into greater safety and lower costs for aircraft owners. Our experience allows us to provide every client with tailor-made solutions.

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