Technological challenges

Development prospects in the aviation sector are promising: over the next twenty years, the global fleet is expected to double and passenger traffic to grow by 150%.

The Group's product and service supply is particularly well suited to the major challenges facing the industry:

- New requirements in technical innovation as regards performance, reduced weight of the aircraft, fuel consumption and respect for the environment, which ALTEN meets including via a Weight Management product;

- Production and delivery objectives at record speeds, mobilising ALTEN's know-how in lean manufacturing and optimisation of the supply chain;

- Development of Customer Support activities related to the expansion and ageing of fleets. ALTEN supports airlines, on behalf of its client manufacturers with the challenges related to technical documentation, Integrated Logistics, maintainability and aircraft upgrading.

- The rise of the emerging markets and the return on investment requirements posed by countries. This context makes ALTEN's supply of offset solutions most relevant, particularly in India.

- Competitiveness. ALTEN's Romanian and Indian nearshore and offshore delivery centres are production facilities providing quality and competitive prices, plus the possibility of billing in dollars.

In all these areas, ALTEN deploys the full range of its engineering expertise across the Product Life Cycle: studies and design of complex systems, transversal skilled sectors supporting these developments (quality, configuration management), management of major programs (PMO), customer support and training.


Nearly 3,000 engineers serving Aviation, Aerospace and Defence.

ISO 14001 certified, project methodologies evaluated to CMMI - SVC level 3.

ALTEN has become established as a technology partner of choice through:

- an ability to mobilise resources, to engage in projects with standardised processes and tools and to quickly transform forms of assistance;
recognised expertise in specialised areas such as weight management, lean manufacturing and satellite integration;

- cross-functional support to major deal makers in both the development and design of complex systems and in cross-departmental business functions (quality, PMO, PLM, etc.);

- a capacity to take ownership of transnational projects (France, Germany, Spain, UK, India);
operations in India allowing it to integrate part of the offset markets of manufacturers.