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AmSafe Bridport
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AmSafe Bridport

We are problem solvers and solution providers, designing and manufacturing engineered textile solutions for the safety and securement needs of the global aerospace and defence markets. We specialise in engineering quality and innovative products that withstand high dynamic stress loads and provide safer, more efficient airframe restraints & barrier solutions, cargo handling & movement systems and RPG protection for armoured vehicles.With manufacturing operations and service facilities around the globe, we have the reach to provide solutions to our customers worldwide.

Why We Are Different

Collaboration: We believe in a strategic collaborative approach with our customers, partners and alliances. The result is the most efficient and cost effective method of developing product solutions that often exceed customer expectations.

People: To solve the challenges of fast moving, dynamic industries such as aerospace and defence, our staff have to be equal to the task. We encourage freethinking, and combined with our proven technical knowledge and expertise, customers are rest assured of our abilities and solutions.

Global reach/local support: Our facilities and operations are truly worldwide. With the robust support of local technical and sales staff, we have this breadth to service the requirements of all our customers.