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Created in 2008, A ro Production Piste Int rim - APPI is a temporary work company specializing in the world of aeronautics.

An expert in the provision of personnel with technical skills, its deployment and deployments are carried out at national and international level.

Our core business is temporary work, but we are also involved in the recruitment of professionals in fixed-term and fixed-term contracts.


2008: Creation of APPI
APPI Paris - Opening of the sales office:
86, rue de l'Amiral MOUCHEZ - 75 014 PARIS

2010: Transfer and opening of the agency of Rungis and social life APPI
Silic Tertiary Park
46 rue de Montlh ry - BP 10 166
94 533 Rungis Cedex

2013: Creation of APPI P le a ronautique (Colomiers - 31)
Zac des Ramassiers
Building GAMMA
11 Bd D odat of S verac