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Babcock MCS France

At Babcock MCS France we count with over 26 years of experience providing Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) helicopters with guaranteed quality service and optimum flight safety.

This is evident with the 28,100 flight hours we fly year-on-year for SAMU, leader in Urgent Medical Aid Service in France. Only last year, nearly 9,500 emergency missions were executed by us. We also have expertise on Maintenance in Operational Condition (MCO) activities, which requires our experienced engineers to develop maintenance tasks whilst our helicopters fly. Our reputable pilot training programme helps facilitate the development of great professionals in the aviation field.

We run 24 bases across the country, hold a fleet of 27 operated aircraft and employ 235 people, with a recent addition of 80 crew members who have just joined our company in early 2016.
Babcock MCS France's HEMS aircraft are genuine mobile ICUs with a reaction and mobility capacity that enables them to reach places that are inaccessible to others in record time. Our helicopters are capable of travelling quickly, nimbly and safely to those places where it is difficult to use other means of transport in order to reach traffic accidents, execute mountain rescues or provide emergency transport between hospitals.

Our flight crew members work alongside with medical professionals in very challenging situations. They all play a crucial role on the overall success of missions as they are able to provide initial care right at site of an accident and they can assist and look after the patient whilst transporting them to hospitals.

Helidax, a pioneering partnership in Europe

Babcock MCS France is also involved in a number of large projects which have helped to strengthen the position of the company as a leader in aircraft maintenance. The Helidax partnership is a prime example; this contract involved the provision of 22,000 flight hours per year for the initial training of French Army Pilots based at ALAT military training centre in Dax, Southwest France.

Helidax, a partnership between INAER Helicopter France and CDI (Conseil Defence International), provided the ALAT military training centre with 36 helicopters (EC120B equipped with digital screens, automatic pilot and night flight), also guaranteeing the scheduled and maintenance operations.


- 26 years' experience
- 235 employees
- 24 bases
- 27 operated aircraft
- 28,179 flight hours
- 9,587 HEMS missions