BeAM is a French company manufacturing industrial metal 3D printers/additive manufacturing machines using the LMD technology (Laser Metal Deposition).

BeAM's machines allow a layer-by-layer metal deposition in order to manufacture and repair parts, but also add functions and shapes on already existing parts directly from a CAD file.

Thanks to the feedback from its industrial partners, BeAM has developed innovative repairs of critical parts, but also qualified aeronautical repairs at the world's highest level of additive manufacturing qualification.

BeAM is working everyday on the development of new industrial applications for aeronautic, aerospace, defence, nuclear and Oil & Gas sectors thanks to its ecosystem of partners. The machines that meet these new requirements are designed and manufactured through an ecosystem of partners.

Our solution-oriented support allows the minimization of both technological and financial risks for our customers, and the maximization of competitive advantage and innovation's potential.

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  • Materials & Surface treatments
  • Subcontracting-electrical,electronic, mechanical ingineering


  • Maintenance, Repairs and Servicing Cells
  • General Maintenance, Repair and Servicing Cells


  • Production equipement, Software, Control
  • Subcontracting-electrical,electronic, mechanical ingineering