Ben-Air Flight Academy

Ben-Air Flight Academy (BAFA) is a flight school recognized by the Belgian and European governments. Airline Transport Pilots, Professional Pilots and Private Pilots are all trained at BAFA. The recognition as a "Flight Training Organisation" (FTO) according to the international JAR regulations, and the instruction of the trainees by a team of highly professional flight and theory instructors guarantees that the training provided meets the highest of quality standards.

BAFA combines over 30 years of experience in training professional pilots with a modern, dynamic and professional approach. As a result, BAFA has grown to become the most important Training Organisation on the Belgian market. The many former BAFA trainees who have in the meantime developed careers as commercial aviation pilots are now employed by all the Belgian airline companies and many foreign ones, including Brussels Airlines, DHL, Jetair Fly, Thomas Cook, TNT, City Jet, Ryanair, Easy Jet, KLM, Tyrolean, Flying Group, ASL and others.

BAFA is established at Antwerp Airport, where the school has a modern infrastructure with well-equipped theory classrooms and a modern aircraft fleet.

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