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CIM grupo de Fomación

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Who are we

Our genes go back to 1985 and to the creation of the first CIM study center in Barcelona. From this moment on, the CIM training group has experienced significant growth, which has led us to have five study centers in Alicante, Barcelona, ??Girona, Murcia and Valencia; This makes us one of the most important training groups in Spain.

The CIM study centers of Alicante, Barcelona, ??Girona, Murcia and Valencia have modern and functional facilities prepared to offer you a high level of education and training. In addition to the CIM Training Group, we remain faithful to our original philosophy of work: to provide you with the highest levels of satisfaction and quality of teaching, that is, what we believe you expect and deserve.

The work philosophy that has characterized CIM Formation Group since its inception has been focused on the provision of a high quality training service that is constantly updated and adapted to the ever changing trends of the labor market. In this sense, in CIM Formation Group we have been striving since our beginnings in 1985 to offer training programs characterized by their clear projection and work exits.

CIM Training Group has always been clearly committed to the development of non-regulated training programs linked to the areas of manual, veterinary, sports, aeronautical or esthetic and beauty therapies.

A clear example of the aforementioned innovative character of the CIM Training group was the development in 1985 of the first courses of veterinary assistance in Spain, which later gave rise to the current program of technical veterinary assistants. It is for this reason that CIM Training Group is considered not only as the dean center in Spain in this type of courses, but also as the leading and most prestigious center in this formative area in Spain.

In this sense, the formula that has allowed CIM Formation Group to achieve the status of prestige and leadership that characterizes us rests not only on a careful training offer, but also on its optimum development, based on the perfect combination of programs High quality and high quality training, and a highly qualified teaching team.

Lastly, and as the last example of the CIM Group's Training Group for the quality of our services, we highlight the firm and resolute commitment that is being made to the implementation of quality systems based on the ISO 9001: 2000 standard, and Which has already been translated into ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificates by CIM venues in Alicante and Valencia, making them the only centers of non-regulated training in Spain that, within the areas of therapies Manuals and veterinary, have this accreditation.
Garant to Total

CIM Training Group has been betting since its beginnings in 1985, for the highest quality of the training it imparts. This commitment led to the development of a system of express commitment that guarantees the quality of our training as well as the full satisfaction of the services received by the client. This system is called CIM GARANT A TOTAL.

CIM GARANT A TOTAL is the commitment to which each CIM Training Group arrives with the student from which it is guaranteed its full satisfaction with the training received or, in its absence, the refund of the total amount paid by the same. This commitment is articulated from a written document that the student receives upon enrollment and in which the conditions that articulate it are collected. The bases of this contract are deposited with D. Jos Marque or del Llano, notary of the illustrious Notary College of Catalu.

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