CNAM - Institut de technologie

CNAM - Institut de technologie

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Training in Space and Aeronautics in Apprenticeship took place over 5 years after Bac and offered to train engineers capable of designing, developing or maintaining aeronautical and space systems. She understands :

A two-year pre-paratory cycle, sanctioned by the DUT GMP A ronautics and Space

A second cycle of 3 years, endorsed by the diploma of engineer in aeronautics (training authorized by the Commission of the Titles of Engineers, CTI)
The holders of the degree in Aeronautical and Space Engineering will hold their position in the aeronautics and space industries as:

Design Engineer
Project Engineer
Research and Development Engineer
Aircraft maintenance engineer
Test engineer


The programs are structured around four main themes: basic sciences, fundamental tools, technology, a.

A rodynamics: teaching from the fluid m ethic to the hypersonic a ddynamics
Design of aural structures
Engines and propulsion
Modal and acoustic analysis
System Control
Reliability and reliability
Control and quality
M canic of the flight
Navigation systems
Aircraft Maintenance

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