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No. 4 in Recruitment and Temporary Employment in France

Located close to the major aerospace and aeronautical industries, CRIT Aéronautique has a network of 30 specialized agencies and the support of more than 350 generalist agencies to meet all human resource needs.

Our strengths :
- A network of 30 agencies in the heart of the aeronautical clusters in France,
- An international presence close to the aeronautical basins ; Germany, Spain, United States, Morocco, Tunisia, Switzerland,
- Expert recruiters trained in aeronautics,
- Support of candidates towards a professional project and retention of their skills,
- Job offers in Temporary, fixed term and permanent contracts .

Our jobs :
Our Experts Agencies of the aeronautical employment recruits in the fields of the Design, the Tests, the Industrialization, the Manufacturing, the Assembly, the Maintenance and the Support Services.

In workshop, hangar or track, our Recruiters meet daily:

- Aeronautical Mechanics, Motorists, Assemblers
- Adjusters
- EIR cables
- Mechanical or electrical controllers
- Designers, Engineers
- Logisticians
- Testing Technicians
- Prototypists
- Preparers

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