DEDIENNE AEROSPACE Engineering, Design and Production departments are focused on highest levels of quality to guarantee our products conformity to the highest standards and advanced technology found within this dynamic industry of aviation.

- Research and Technology

"An integrated production and assembly are the guarantee of the highest quality."
Equipped with the latest technology outfit and operated by high skilled employees, our production department works to reach customer expectations with the best lead time and prices.

- Manufacturing :

With several manufacturing sites geographically positioned to look after key markets in different continents, Dedienne have approved, certified, fully functional facilities allowing our in house machining and testing of our top quality products. The very highest standard and up to date machinery is used to help us achieve the high level of manufacturing we have become accustomed to, when working with aviation and engine tooling and more sophisticated machining such as our ground support equipment.

- Quality :

After assembly, all equipment passes through our quality Control department. All weight bearing equipment comes through tests and certification of conformity. We guarantee the load testing with the documentation associated.
Design conformity + Load Proof = 100% SAFETY

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