Derichebourg Aeronautics Services
Derichebourg Aeronautics Services
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Derichebourg Aeronautics Services

For more than 18 years, Derichebourg Atis aéronautique has been recognised as one of the leading aeronautics subcontractors in Europe. Much more than just a service provider, Derichebourg Atis aéronautique is considered as the ideal partner for aeronautics professionals for its know-how and experience, whose watchwords are Expertise, Proactivity, and Continuous Improvement.

Derichebourg, a benchmark operator in the services market

The Derichebourg Group is a benchmark operator in services to businesses and local authorities. It now has 42 000 employees around the world, working in over 25 countries and on 3 continents. Derichebourg offers a complete and integrated range of services in 2 sectors of activity:

Environmental services : recycling and recovery of end of life consumer goods, management of industrial and household waste, urban cleansing, etc.

Business services (multiservices) : hygiene, energy, airport services, temporary placements, reception facilities, handling, sensitive environment, ...

The Derichebourg service offer has been designed and developed to enable businesses and local authorities to concentrate on their core activities and their organisation and control costs. In all its activities, Derichebourg has a wide range of complementary skills, which are constantly being enhanced to meet new market needs.