Ecole d'ingénieur de Saint Cyr

Ecole d'ingénieur de Saint Cyr

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The Superior School of Education, the Saint-Cyr Military Special School (ESM Saint-Cyr) provides initial training for officers of the corps of officers of the armed forces recruited directly.

It trains officers to oversee the operational units of the Earth Army and assumes increasing responsibility for design and direction within the regiments and staff of the Earth Army, D fense and international alliances.

It provides multidisciplinary training at the Master level, combining the human, military and academic training which will be supplemented by the specialized courses in the field of application and will enable the young officer to assume his primary responsibilities in Troop corps.

University Degrees

All the officers receive their diploma from the School of Military Studies at Saint-Cyr, which gives them the Master's degree (300 ECTS), validated by the Ministry of Education and the research.

The officers of the engineering science branch hold an engineering degree approved by the Engineering Qualifications Commission.