Ecole nationale supérieure d' arts et métiers

Ecole nationale supérieure d' arts et métiers

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Arts and Crafts Engineer
Engineer ENSAM (3rd year regionalized) - Engineering in aeronautics and space
Specialized Masters in Aeronautical and Space Engineering

A privileged situation:
On the campus of Talence-Pessac-Gradignan, one of the largest in Europe
In the heart of the Aquitaine region, where high technology industries are located: civil and military aviation, space, composite materials, electronics, etc.
A strong presence in local industry:
Integration of the School in the competitiveness cluster "Aeronautics Space and Embedded Systems", of which it is a founding member
Many partnerships with the regional industrial fabric
Three essential missions
Aeronautics and Space
Environmental Process Engineering and Materials for Sustainable Development
The training of the Engineer in its International dimension with the objective of developing the links between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean