Ecoles des Mines de Douai

Ecoles des Mines de Douai

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MCM-5: The Basics of Metallurgy Adapted to Mechanics

Fomation en Alternance Ingénieur en productique

The Mining School of Douai is responsible for the training of engineers in the field of engineering, in partnership with the Polytechnic Institute of Hainaut-Cambris (IPHC).

At the end of their training, the students receive the diploma of engineer of the school of the Mines of Douai, specialized in Productics.

The input flow is of the order of 50 l ves-ing engineers per year.

The training curriculum lasts for 3 years and runs alternately from school to company, one week in a company alternating with one week in school. The pedagogical program is organized in a modular way and includes an individualized follow-up of the progress of the students (co-operative and company tutoring).

The pupils of this training have a status of salaried and have a remuneration (apprenticeship contract).

This course is aimed at students with a Bac + 2 level (DUT, BTS, DEUG / L2, Maths Sp) interested in production, management and optimization. The training leads to a general engineering profile of industrial engineering, manager of production systems.

The functions performed are diversified: production manager, project manager, quality manager, responsible method but also responsible R & D or consultant. Our engineers work in all the major industrial sectors: automotive, energy, railway, a ronautic, plastics, ...