ESILV Léonard De Vinci

ESILV Léonard De Vinci

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"The ESILV, the Ingénieurs L onard de Vinci Engineering School, is located in Paris-La Dense, the first European business district.

Created by visionaries fifteen years ago, it is today, in five years, the training of engineers whose digital economy needs: software developer, developer of mechanical systems, engineering of systems security Mes information, assistant trader ... "

ESILV, a general engineering school, is authorized by the CTI (Commission des titres d 'ingénieur)

ESILV trains engineering engineers in five years and brings them real high-tech specializations.
Our academic excellence is driven by the continuous advice of members of the Academy of Sciences and the Acadie of Technologies for 15 years.

Social openness and the building of responsible professional personalities have been at the heart of our educational project since the creation of the school. Our engineers are humanists, open to the world and to others.
It is with the concern to train managers for cultural diversity that we develop career paths with our academic partners in Europe, the United States, Canada and Mexico, South, South Korea, China, Australia ...

We propose two novelties: the preparation of the ESILV diploma by means of apprenticeship and a validation of the intermediate level of the baccalaureate course by a certificate

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