Fantasy Balloons

Thirty years of constant engineering research, design improvement, innovation and development has achieved for Fantasy an impressive reputation for quality, durability, performance and customer satisfaction.

How do you build the best? YOU START WITH THE BEST! Incorporated into every Fantasy Balloon are parts and materials sourced from all over the U.S.A., Canada, Sweden, Hong Kong, Russia, England, Austria, Italy and Argentina .While perfection may be unobtainable we are relentless in our quest.

A common misconception amongst pilots shopping for a new balloon is that design innovation can only come from the big manufacturing companies. This is not always the case. Some of our more noteworthy design innovations include our composite FLEX-FRAME gondola, our exclusive "F-TYPE" envelope and our "ONE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH SINGLE BURNER TECHNOLOGY" which have recently been re-introduced by our competition! We are flattered and hope you are duly impressed!