Fédération Française de l'Aéronautique - FFA
Fédération Française de l'Aéronautique - FFA
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Fédération Française de l'Aéronautique - FFA

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Since its inception in 1929, the Fran aise Aeronautics Federation has been contributing to the development of light aviation and aero-clubs while ensuring the maintenance of pilots' achievements.

The FFA is committed to:

Advising and splitting ro-clubs,

To preserve the number and quality of French rodromes,

To develop and facilitate the knowledge and influence of aeronautics,

Facilitate the training of pilots within a ro-clubs,

Helping younger people and raising awareness of their activities,

Contribute as an interlocutor of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) the implementation of regulations and the defense of the interests of private pilots,

Organizing sports activities and sports events in France and abroad (allocation of regional or national titles, selection of French representatives for international competitions or events).

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