Fédèration Française de Parachutisme - FFP
Fédèration Française de Parachutisme - FFP
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Fédèration Française de Parachutisme - FFP

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Created on 10 December 1949, the French Parachuting Federation has been a member of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Associative Life since 1972. It is responsible for organizing and promoting parachuting The French Franchise Federation of Parachutism, recognized as a public utility since 2 May 1986, is a member of:

-of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee,
Of the National Council of F-rations -A ronautics and Sports,
- the European Union of Parachuting,
Of the International A ronautical F ration.
At the national level, the French Parachuting Federation is organized around:

-22 leagues,
-38 jointly,
-270 associations including 42 associations,
-19 commercial companies and 70 independent workers.

The schools ensure the training of the students and the supervision of the activity at all levels, in 2011 647 283 jumps and 45 825 licenci s the French Parachuting F d ration.

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