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CDI-CDD Int rim

In 1986, Int Rim was established as a high-tech agency. Force Int rim ensures a service delivery whose aim is to support companies in the management of human resources.

We are a human resources management team serving your needs. We target your requests and we recruit candidates matching your expectations.

Recruiting and Selecting

We target your requests and we recruit candidates whose professional and relational qualities match your expectations. For this purpose we have computerized files and our team of specialists ensures the interviews of hiring.


Members of PRISME, we keep abreast of the changes in the legislation and we endeavor to implement changes that may be of interest to both the intermediaries and the user companies.

Generally speaking, we are here to provide you with advice and solutions to solve your human resources problems (work overload, cong ...)

Monitoring and Training

We regularly follow our employees in their career path or when they are in our company and we prefer training during the inter-contract periods.

Quality ISO 9001

It is a result of the objective we have set ourselves to maintain and develop the quality of the services we offer our customers.

It is based on our ISO 9001 certification. Beyond this label, our Quality Manager regularly monitors compliance with the procedures.