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The family group GACHES CHIMIE was founded in 1948 by Louis GACHES and comprises 245 people.

Turnover in 2011: 89 million euros.

We focus our development on:
- The chemical department
- The promotion of chemical specialties and commodities
- Active consideration of safety and environmental issues
- The Global Chemical Management approach
- The will to follow our clients in their development in France and abroad
- Shared productivity
- Playing a major role in the application of REACH
- Provide an early warning to prevent obsolescence
- Follow our international clients
- Cultivating innovation and creating value for our customers

The Gaches Chimie Group does not just distribute chemical products, but offers all services and solutions related to industrial problems.

Our will is to actively participate in the development of our customers by adapting and making us adopt.

More than 10,000 customers trust us today with our offices in France, Spain, Morocco and Tunisia.