GAI - General Aviation Industries

GAI - General Aviation Industries

G.A.I. is a design and manufacturing company incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas in 1966 by Mr. Don Roach, the founder of the company. During June 2006 Mr. Paul Mauldin was promoted to the position of President. To help maintain the continuity of the organization Mr. Don Roach is an Advisor to the President and owners.

To date, G.A.I. has successfully completed over six thousand contracts for the military services of the Department of Defense as well as several NATO countries. The company has successfully produced helicopter maintenance stands, armored vehicle components, M-1 tank travel locks, grenade launcher brush guards, munitions trailers, bomb adapters, bomb straps, missile fin boxes, maintenance platforms, oxygen and nitrogen servicing carts, oxygen and nitrogen servicing trailers, refueling boom trailers, and engine transport and maintenance trailers. The company has completed numerous contracts for airborne equipment such as aerial cargo delivery systems for the C-130 and C-141 Aircraft.

Over the years G.A.I. has evolved into a fully integrated engineering, manufacturing and systems test company. The company has established an excellent reputation in design/build, build-to-print, and build-to-specifications, which is unrivaled in the small business sector. For example, within the Air Force's active inventory there are over 700 nitrogen service trailers designed, manufactured and tested at G.A.I.'s facility in Weatherford, Texas. These units are used to service critical flight control systems on aircraft such as the F-15, F-16, C-130, F-117, B-1, B-2 and the B-52.

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