Over the last 30 years, GECI International has been a real laboratory for ideas and become established as a specialist in high technology engineering, with a preponderant presence in the world of aeronautics. Working in the four corners of the world, the group's 1000 staff, engineers and researchers are constantly at the ready to meet the technological challenges of today and the future.
Combining excellence, passion and innovation, GECI International is developing its expertise in two sectors:

Its GECI Engineering business, the group's cornerstone, offers industrial companies global solutions in fields of aeronautics, transport and infrastructures.
GECI Aviation, an 87,3 % subsidiary of the group, develops, produces and markets a range of twin turboprop aircraft. The F406, produced by Reims Aviation Industries, is renowned as an aircraft particularly suited to surveillance missions.
The Skylander, developed by Sky Aircraft in Lorraine, stands out due to its exceptional performance, it ability to operate in extreme environments and its unequalled costs of acquisition and maintenance. With this offer, GECI Aviation intends to take eventually its place among the world's 15 leading aircraft builders.