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Another way to travel

Get1Jet is a business aviation company using a Pilatus PC12 based at Le Castellet Airport. Business aviation is now booming in Europe and is recognized as a development and growth tool for dynamic companies. Our goal is to offer competitive prices enabling you to combine speed, flexibility and comfort while traveling.

Our team is avalaible to offer you an unrivaled experience and optimize your travel time.

Billing is carried out based on the number of flight hours and related services (landing fees, parking, runway lighting and ground handling).

The most desirable single-engine

The aeroplane selected by Get1Jet is the Pilatus PC-12 NG.

The Pilatus PC12 is an extremely versatile and reliable aircraft. It is equipped with a turbine allowing it to use short runways, even on grass.

This aircraft allows you to enjoy a luxurious, spacious and relaxing cabin with a capacity of 6 to 8 passengers depending on the desired configuration.

This aeroplane has unmatched performance with a cruising speed of 520 km/ h and a range of 3150 kilometers.

The map below is an indication of the estimated time to reach your destination from our base Le Castellet Airport.

Each distance between the circles represents one hour flight time.