Glenair Inc.

From experimental high-altitude aircraft such as the ground-breaking X-15, to today's International Space-Station, Glenair has been a key supplier of space-grade interconnects and accessories since the early 60's.

Glenair built "The Golden Umbilical" life-support cable which was used by Cmdr. Ed White on the first space-walk. We make the connector savers that protect space shuttle umbilical cables on every launch. Glenair composite thermoplastic strain-reliefs lighten the load of every interconnect harness on the International Space Station.

And our space-grade Micro-D Connectors and Cables are employed on dozens of commercial and military communications satellites.

At Glenair, we're experts in the interconnect design and engineering disciplines which:
- Reduce Payload Weights
- Eliminate Halogen Outgassing
- Reduce Interconnect Package Size, and
- Prevent Atomic Oxygen Degradation

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