Groupement des Industries Marocaines Aéronautiques et Spatiales
Groupement des Industries Marocaines Aéronautiques et Spatiales
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Groupement des Industries Marocaines Aéronautiques et Spatiales

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As an extension of Europe to the South, Morocco has developed in recent years a high-quality space and space platform, under conditions of international competitiveness.
In 2013, Morocco is now becoming the destination of choice for operators in the aerospace sector in the world.
This base is experiencing a real boom with the consolidation of the industrial culture in Morocco and the development of new centers of excellence covering the pallet of the sectors of the a ronautic sector: production and assembly of parts, equipments , Systems, cables, electronics, surface treatment and boilermaking, precision machining and mechanics, engine and aircraft maintenance, engineering and engineering, as well as various support services.
Today, the Moroccan ronautic base, created by the presence of more than 100 international reference operators including EADS, Boeing, Snecma, Aircelle, Creuzet, Daher, Souriau, Labinal, Zodiac, Teuchos and Casablanca A Ronautique, Piston Fran ais ... is experiencing a new phase in its development with the arrival of new products and the integration of more technologies and added value.
The Group of Moroccan Air and Space Industries (GIMAS), which unites all the operators in the sector, while playing its role of federator and facilitator for its members, is positioning itself as the privileged partner of the sector Public for the development strategy of the aeronautical sector and the implementation of the Pact for Industrial Emergence.

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