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Meet Heli Service Belgium

Heli Service Belgium N.V. is already more than 25 years a leading helicopter company with operations in Belgium and abroad.

Our company stands for a safe, fast and reliable helicopter service. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that our team and all our customers respect the safety code.

In order to respond to the various demands of our customers, we have a large fleet of helicopters with a variety of types.

Our helicopter flights are tailor made. They include air taxi, business flights, VIP-transport, scenic tours, gastronomy flights, incentive flights, aerial survey (e.g. control flights of pipelines), aerial works, aerial recordings (film, video, TV and photography) and medical transport. We can do almost anything, as long as it is compliant with the security rules and aviation legislation, which is imposed by the Belgian Civil Administration Authorities.

Heli Service Belgium holds an official European license for the technical maintenance of its own fleet. The maintenance department (HSB Technics) is also allowed to offer these services to third parties: as well to private owners as to other helicopter companies.

Aspiring helicopter pilots can join us for a professional -theoretical and practical- training as private pilot (PPL). Conversion on another type is also possible after obtaining a PPL(H)-license.

We can also help you with the purchase of a new helicopter or a pre-owned aircraft. In both cases we you can count on our expert advice.

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