IUT de Vélizy

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Op rational in the year 2010/2011, V lizy's scientific and technological university is in keeping with the logic of the recent comptitivity tests and combines on one site a set of research tools , Development and high-level training in the field of new technologies. It also hosts a service center, CEREMH (Center of Resources & Innovation Mobilit Handicap). Strongly anchored in its territory, it creates a link between companies, institutions and students but nevertheless remains open at national and international level. It thus integrates perfectly an economic environment turning to the advanced technologies and strongly energized by the National Interest (OIN) Op eration aimed at the creation of a scientific and technological cluster on the Saclay plateau.
Computer science and systems engineering

150 teachers, researchers and 1,200 students will contribute to the life of this new high-tech university of systems engineering and computing during the year 2010/2011. The latter, combined with electrical engineering and communication, forms the scientific basis. These domains include cryptology, robotics, intensive computing and nanotechnology, and are used in embedded systems, systems architectures and disability technologies.

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