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Our "House" is the idea of ??one of our aces of the 1st war Major Willy Coppens of Houthulst inspired by the existence of clubs or houses of aviators where it was received in France, England, Italy , In Spain ... He aroused enthusiasm, channeled some beneficial energies and so a Constituent Assembly gave birth on December 21st, 1937, to our still young, flourishing ASBL "Maison des Ailes".

What strikes us by taking a step back is the willingness of the founders, whose 1st President, Lieutenant-General Duvivier, Commander of the DAT (Territorial Defense), to integrate the whole World has a ronautic.

This Assembly then appoints directors, among whom are: the Earl of Outremont, Chairman of the Royal A rclub of Belgium, Lieutenant-General Baron Wahis, President of the Military Aviation fraternal 14-18 , Major General Aviator Iserantant, "President of the Old Belgian Stems", Major Aviator (R) Jos Vuylsteke, Lieutenant-General Baron Greindl, President of Sabena, Commander Jacquet, Colonel -Minin Sillevaerts, Chief of the Military Air Service, Captain Aviator (LJ Mahieu), Major-General Chabeau, Count Arnold de Looz-Corswarem, Major Aviator (R) H. Feneau, M. Eug ne Hersenberg, Major-Aviator (R) Gaston Lambert, lawyer Edouard Lemmens.

Our "House of Wings" seizes here the opportunity to quote them with gratitude. They set themselves the first task of carrying out a moral and material support work in the form of interventions in the day's expenses in "Maison de Repos" to allow "those who practice or have practiced aviation to enjoy , Under special conditions, from a sometimes hard-earned rest or to regain the calm and tranquility that their nerves needed ... "

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