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Lancair International Inc. manufactures advanced composite structures at its Redmond, Oregon facility, and has established proprietary relationships with hand-selected vendors in the USA, Europe, Australia and the Philippines. Worldwide, Lancairs are owned and operated in 34 countries on five continents.There have been more than 2,100 Lancair kits sold in more than 34 countries, on 5 continents. Hundreds are flying with tens of thousand of flight hours logged. Lancair also promotes highest standards of safety in the industry.

About Lancair
Lance Neibauer, Founder

Lance A. Neibauer, founder and creative force behind the award-winning Lancair line of aircraft, set the standard for efficiency and high performance that has been the hallmark of Lancair from the beginning. Lance began his career as a graphic designer having received a BFA degree from Michigan State University in 1971. With a strong family background in aviation (Meyers Aircraft), Lance was drawn into aviation in the late 70's when composite structures began to appear. The marriage of aviation and art is apparent in the sculptured lines on all Lancairs and the look of the Lancair is instantly recognizable throughout the line.

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