Les Écoles d'officiers de l'armée de l'air
Les Écoles d'officiers de l'armée de l'air
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Les Écoles d'officiers de l'armée de l'air

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The Military School of Air and Space

A School of Military Chiefs Serving the Nation
A school based on human values
A modern school in constant evolution
A school integrated with the Nation and open to the world

Training objectives are common to all officers' schools, which militates in favor of a decompartmentalization of schools. 450 new officer cadets are trained each year in the EOAA, of which 150 are career and 300 under contract, the duration of the courses ranging from 4 weeks to 3 years.
The three years of training are common to all courses of officers, their weight varying according to the courses:
Training of Chief and Combatant

It is now carried out jointly between the second-year aspirants of the Air School (EA2) and those of the first year of the Military Air School (EMA1) and many joint meetings are scheduled.
To fully meet this objective of decompartmentalization and develop the sense of belonging to a single corps of career officers, aspirants EA2 and EMA1 have, since the beginning of 2009, the same strip corresponding to that of the AE2. There is therefore an abolition of "alpha" for EMA officer cadets.

Aeronautical training
It is issued for the benefit of all pupil officers. It differs depending on whether it is for aircrew or non-aircrew.

Academic training
It is personalized in a logic designed to allow each student officer, whatever his recruitment, to integrate the best course corresponding to his level, with a view to personal enhancement.

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