Lycée des métiers Camille Claudel

Lycée des métiers Camille Claudel

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Because the Lycée Camille Claudel enjoys an exceptional relationship with
Sectors of electrical engineering in Auvergne.
Because the Lycée is a member of AVIA, an association that brings together 40 companies and 20 partners
Because all the trades we prepare are jobs "in tension", young people from our
Have an excellent professional integration and opportunities for
Career real.
Because the Lycée is a reference in the field of multimedia, electronic security and
Aeronautical maintenance. The training of Auvergne professionals in the new products of the
Brands is made at the Lycée which welcomes manufacturers in the framework of a cooperation with FEDELEC.

CAP Electrician Aircraft Systems
BAC Pro Aerospace
- Avionics Systems Mechanic option
- option Mechanic Systems Cell

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