Lycée polyvalent Saint - Exupéry

Lycée polyvalent Saint - Exupéry

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Implant on an area of ??5.5 hectares, located in the heart of the Androm area of ??the town of Blagnac, the Saint-Exup ry lyc is a structuring element of the Blagnac Constellation complex.

Opened in September 2004 and officially inaugurated on 14 September 2004 by Mr Martin MALVY President of the Midi-Pyrn region and Mrs BELLOUBET-FRIER Rector of the Acad mie of Toulouse, the multi-purpose school SAINT-EXUP RY welcomes today Which has been devoted to a large number of general, technological and vocational training, a significant part of which is in particular directed towards the third world of aeronautics.
Baccalaur at professional in 3 years:
Over the three school years as a whole:
1200h of formation the structure of the aircraft of which:
40% of theoretical training.
60% practical training.
22 weeks of Professional Training Period.

Technical and vocational training
TU (Machining Technician)
MSC (M Canicien Systems Cells)
AEROSTRUCTURES (M canicien A ronefs)
MEI (Maintenance of Industrial Equipment)
MSA (Mechanic of Avionics Systems)
BTS A ronautic
Additional information (A ronautic):
AMP (Piston Airplanes)
AMT (turbine engine aircraft)

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